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Wildlife Rescue

A Matter of Caring

Four years ago, my affinity with and concern for Aussie wildlife led me to active involvement within a wildlife rescue organisation. The Statewide Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service operates out of Central Victoria, my home region, and is run entirely by volunteers.

Rescuing injured, sick and orphaned wildlife can be saddening and often traumatic, especially when the affected creature is in its current state of distress due to human involvement of the disturbing kind. However, I would rather be sad and disgusted on occasion than do nothing. Besides, there is little that surpasses the high of seeing a creature returned to the wild, after injuries are healed or the orphan has progressed to independence.

Wildlife organisations all around Australia depend on caring individuals, both as volunteers and for essential donations to ensure they can continue functioning and doing what they do best - save our wildlife. With no government funding, they all do an extraordinary job.

If you're interested in learning more, I encourage you to visit the W.R.E.S. web site http://www.wres.org.au/ and/or other sites of wildlife organisations.

Joey Kangaroo


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