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The Writer and Editor

Apt Medium began eleven years ago because of a need to contribute more than my own words to the writing and reading communities. At that time, the idea was birthed for a hardcopy literary magazine, which would fill a niche market here in Australia. The dream was fulfilled to a degree, but personal trials, an ailing bank account and inexperience in marketing (yes, I admit it) brought it to a premature end. During the following three years, I continued to gain experience in other writing-related areas and realised I had experienced my greatest satisfaction and pleasure in helping writers get their work 'out there' where it would be read. As with all publications, submissions for the magazine had varied in degrees of writing correctness and readability. However each writer had a story to tell and their own voice with which to tell it. The dream of the literary magazine continued to smoulder for some time with the final issue appearing in 2004. The hardcopy niche still exists, as does the need for a forum for writers who enjoy adding sensual heat to their writing. I sincerely hope someone else takes up the baton.

One dream bloomed, seeded and gave birth to others while associations with other editors, publishers, agents and writers strengthened.

Offering my services as a manuscript assessor seemed a natural progression, given my desire to work with writers and the need to use skills I'd learned.

As a freelance editor, I find helping writers to develop their own particular skills and polish their manuscripts is more pleasure than work. Walking alongside writers, who aspire to leave their creative mark on the world, is a wonderful journey into language, communication and the sharing of ideas and thoughts.

A curious mind and participation in further editing-related study keeps my skills on-track and prevents stagnation.

Mine is a varied history. I have done business writing and editing for employers, newsletters for special interest groups, media releases for local and regional businesses and organisations, written, designed and produced brochures, fliers, posters and advertising material and participated in a 'Publishing and Marketing' employment project, which included conducting tutorials on writing fiction and non-fiction.

Undertaking assessments and editing involves walking beside the author on a journey of awareness towards the goal of publication. I can't give you an arm-long list of published books in which I've accompanied the authors. Until they appear in glorious print, which can take quite some time, editing works-in-progress mean very little. So often, I am unaware of the fate of most of the manuscripts that come across my desk. However, the following authors have reached their goal with their books now in print:

'Lousy Puerto Rican' by Juan Ciuro - non-fiction - Shafer Publishing, 2006

'Buen Camino - beyond the journey' by Thea Hughes - fiction - Scintilla Books, New Zealand 2009, and Eloquent Books, New York (under title 'The Red Door').

In case you are interested, below are some of my personal writing 'credits'.


Participation in 'Airborne' - Australia's First Chain Thriller - James Patterson with Australia's Finest - Novel of 30 Chapters in 30 Days - Limited Edition, Random House and Borders, 2009.
'Inspiration in Sepia' - Short Story - Finalist - Annual Short Story Competition 2002 - KT Publishing, 2002.
'The Reunion' - Short Story - Published by WriteSpot International in Debriefed, E-Book anthology, 2002.
'Metamorphosis Suspended' - Short Story - Pending possible publication, Tillicum Books, U.S., 2001.
'The One Most Likely' - Short, Short Story - Equal Second - OSCAR - Flash Fiction Competition, Absolute Write, 2001.
'The Conjuring' - Short Story - Highly Commended - Australasian Short Story Awards, 2000.
'Paradise Regained' - Short Story - First Prize - Wimmera Regional Library Corporation Short Competition Anthology, 1998.
'The Green Door' - Short Story - Gathering Force Literary Journal, July 1996.
'Twisted Threads' - Short Story - First Prize - Hamilton Wool Heritage Festival A Yarn Event Literary Awards Anthology, 1994.
'Life' - Short Story - Writers of The Black Forest Anthology, 1988


‘Kermit the Frogmouth – Raising a Nocturnal Bird’ – Creative non-fiction – Rescued! – 43 wonderful true stories about the rescue and rehabilitation of native wildlife, compiled by Jodie Blackney, Avocado Press, New Zealand, 2008.
‘Preferably Not Black’ - Two excerpts published in Journeys with the Black Dog – Inspirational stories of bringing depression to heel, Self-help, edited by Tessa Wigney, Kerry Eyers & Gordon Parker, Black Dog Institute, Allen & Unwin, 2007.
'Heart-fire and Friendship' - A Cup of Comfort for Women in Love, Anthology, Adams Media, U.S.A. 2005.
'With Words Alone' - Essay - First Prize - Parenting Issues Essay Competition, October 2003.
'Comfort and Growth' - Short Essay - Winning Entry - Creative Journal, February 2001.
'Coping with Fear of Commitment' - Article - Single Life, (National magazine), October 1998.
'Package Deals in the '90s' - Article - Single Life, (National magazine), April 1998.
'All At Sea' - Article/Review, The Tarrangower Times (weekly newspaper), 1998.
'Keeping Warm with Alan' - Article/Review, The Tarrangower Times (weekly newspaper), 1998.
'Reviving the Spirit' - Article, Local Business News (Regional monthly publication), 1997.
'Noel' - Essay - Significant Merit - The Courier - Southern Cross Literary Competition, 1997.

The Artist and Crafter

I was ever so proud of the apple tree, done in Prep with crayons. That was the day my passion for visual expression blossomed. At secondary school, I envisaged going on to do a Diploma of Art and forging a career in some as yet unknown art-related field. By the end of Fifth Form (as it was in the olden days), my passion for artwork was almost extinguished. I didn't handle the pressure - of deadlines and 'having' to produce art. The joy had been sucked out of the process.

The creative spirit was not to be denied, however, and craft work of any and all descriptions fed that need for many years. It was enough, for a while. Eventually, though, the yearning to once more take up pencils and paints came to the fore. I played for some time, enjoying every second.

I was keen to learn, but also wary of quashing my artistic tendencies yet again. It had taken me too long to re-find the joy of mark making. The answer came in the form of a course run by Continuing Adult Education in Castlemaine. Arts Pathways, as it was called then, offered a sampler-type curriculum, encompassing painting, drawing, life-drawing, felt-making, art history, design, and what was to prove the most fascinating of all for me, printmaking.

And so the journey continues.

Jenn White
Editor & Wordsmith, Artist and Printmaker


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