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For the Keepers of Memories

Life Story Kits

Assistance for Family Historians

The Family Connection

How much do you know about your family history?

How much of what you know, will you remember to pass on to your children and grandchildren?

What are the highlights, the triumphs and struggles that made your family what it is today?

Memories can be elusive, here one minute and gone the next.

Over the years, family memories disappear. A Life Story Kit is one way in which you can hold onto the memories for present and future generations. Designed by a professional writer, it offers a way to capture a personal or family history.

Life Story Kits

No matter how much we would like to hold onto them, memories fade with the passing of time. A Life Story Kit provides an attractive and simple solution to recording memories, whether your own or a family member's, personalised by an individual's handwriting.

Life Story Kits have proven popular with family members who are keen to capture the memories of loved ones getting on in years.

These kits provide you with a book containing pre-printed headings and memory topics, in a broad range of areas for you to fill in the details. Included is a Personal History Question Booklet to assist you in jogging memories of events, friendships, family occasions, pastimes and impressions that might have been forgotten for years.

Life Story Kit Contents

Each Kit contains:

Life Story Book
  • Attractively presented with old-world illustrations throughout.
  • Spiral bound for easy writing and viewing.
  • Heavy-weight, quality paper.
  • Card cover with provision for a photograph and clear laminate top-cover for protection and durability.
  • Pre-printed pages, which allow plenty of space and enable you to fill in your own or a loved one's personal history and special memories.
  • Set out in sections to represent important milestones and periods, with blank pages for mementos and photographs or additional reminiscences.
  • Total of 100 pages.

Personal History Question Booklet - Comprehensive questions to assist in recalling memories, which correspond to the sections in the Life Story Book.

Keepsake Pouch - Quality fabric, fully lined, in which to keep and protect your Life Story Book and other ephemera.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

International enquiries are welcome.
Please be advised the Life Story books have an Australian perspective with Australian English spelling used in the pre-printed text.

Cost: $A45.00 including packing and postage within Australia.


Also available is the Life Story Book and Personal History Question Booklet (without the Keepsake Pouch). Cost: $A25.00 including packing and postage within Australia

To order, please visit The Store

If you would like more information, please contact me.

Assistance for Family Historians

Professional Writing and Editing Assistance for Authors of

Memoirs, Biographies and Autobiographies

Writing the Journey of Your Life

Small in size but large on information!

Are you a keeper of memories?

Are you basically satisfied with the details and facts in your written family or personal story...

But, would like to infuse more life into your writing?

'Writing the Journey of Your Life' is a small booklet packed with useful tips and writers' techniques for enhancing your written memories, making the sharing of your journey an adventure for readers.

It is available by mail for a small cost at the Store.

Writing the Journey Booklet

The Family Connection

Making Your Words Shine

Memoirs, autobiographies and biographies can be a wealth of information, insight and even humour. Or they can be boring monologues that make us wonder why the author bothered at all.

No life is full of tedium and boredom. Though some can appear that way.

It's all in the telling, the choice of words and the way they are conveyed, which either leads us on a journey of discovery, or leaves us stranded at the first chapter without the enthusiasm to read further.

Stories of people's lives inspire, amaze and teach us. Not only about life in bygone eras, but also about tenacity, endurance and the ability to accept things as they are while striving to overcome obstacles, loss, and the less than winning cards the Fates inevitably deal at certain times in everyone's life.

You might have all the information in anecdotal stories, notes, letters and journals, and have begun the writing, but be unsure how to form it into a coherent and interesting manuscript. Alternatively, perhaps you have written the book, but lack experience in how to incorporate lively narrative and personal perspective to make the words live on the pages.

Maybe your manuscript needs only a polish, to make sure there are no glaring grammatical errors or misspellings.

At whatever point you have reached in writing a life story or family history, as a professional writer and editor I will assist you to achieve your goal - to produce a manuscript that captures readers' attention and holds their interest.
The Family Connection

I will help you create a book to be proud of, which is valued as a legacy for future generations.

Manuscript Assessment and Editing Services are available for those authors well on the way with their biographies and autobiographies. To discover what those services entail, please click on the following links.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the issues you face, please contact me.


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