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Writer's Services

Are you confounded by rejections from publishers, wondering why?

Do you suspect your writing lacks something…but what?

You believe your story has gone off course, though where?

Unsure how to improve your manuscript’s chances of being selected from the ‘slush pile’?

For over ten years, I have helped writers answer these questions. No matter how proficient and experienced the writer, self-editing presents a huge challenge. We are so familiar with our own work that we know it by heart. Unfortunately, a heart filled with passion for a tale or project wears shades. We read what we think is or should be there, not what actually appears on the page. We miss typos, do not see the misused and misplaced words or the glitches in consistency, continuity, and clarity.

For this reason, I offer Manuscript Assessments and a range of Editing options for works of fiction and non-technical non-fiction, including memoirs and family or organisation histories. (I leave the technical stuff to editors who enjoy it.) Rates are included at the beginning of the relevant pages.

It is an editor's job to minimise mistakes and endeavour to eliminate them entirely. Enlisting an editor's objective and meticulous eye for detail helps increase the odds for a viable and successful manuscript.

Discovery Assessments

Due to what has become an obvious need, I am once more providing a preliminary assessment for works-in progress. At a fraction of the cost of a Full Assessment, it is a budget-conscious solution to gaining insight and direction. A Discovery Assessment will help to optimise strengths and eliminate weaknesses in your writing before the first draft is completed and a major re-write is necessary, or if a particular section of your manuscript is giving you apoplexy. You will find details here.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Other Options
For details of each option, including rates, please click on the relevant link.
Manuscript Assessments
Editing Services


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