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Creative Collaboration in Words and Art


Over the years, my individual way of interpreting ideas has been employed many times for extremely varied projects. Some have been serious projects, such as illustrations for a Domestic Violence Report and a Poster Presentation for a national conference in the health industry. Other projects have been more light-hearted, allowing a touch of humour and sense of fun while, at the same time, getting the message across to the target audience.

My creative ideas and skills in writing, illustrating and working with graphics have been used for annual reports, brochures, fliers, calendars, booklets and newsletters.

If you have need of words or artwork, or a combination of both, for a special project, perhaps my style will suit you. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. We might just be a match.

Examples of collaborative projects


... Romance Revival

Once upon a time, Apt Medium published a magazine called Wildfire. It was a collaboration between a publisher and editor and writers and artists, Aussie and international. Containing short stories and poetry in the genre of literary erotica, tastefully and artistically illustrated, Wildfire wasn't everyone's glass of bubbly. Though, for the sensually keen and aware, each issue was eagerly awaited.

Unfortunately, as all good things do, the publication came to an end.

At a friend's suggestion, I have combined back issues (now collectors' editions) of Wildfire with other items to make Romance Revival Packs. Yes, they're a bit frivolous, a touch risque and a trifle quirky. There will be no further copies of Wildfire printed, so the packs won't last forever. But, as the packs have been popular at markets, I thought I would offer them here, too, while they last.

PLEASE NOTE: These packs are not for the prudish or sensually faint-hearted. Over 18 years of age recommended! Contents are not pornographic, but do sizzle.

The Romance Revival Pack contains:

  • 2 back issues of Wildfire
  • A booklet of 12 tear-out-and-give Intimate Gift Vouchers
  • A novelty 'invitation to romance' door hanger.

The pack comes in the prerequisite, tongue-in-cheek 'brown paper bag', complete with gift card, and is available from the Store.

Me Jane

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